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Walls that Wow: Creative Wall Treatments without Painting Dramatic, Simple,inexpensive Ideas Formaking Any Wallinto A WowFace It Most Walls Are Booooring Until Jonathan Fong Gets Through With Them Walls That Wow Is Packed With Twenty Four Spectacular Ideas Forjazzing Up Any Wall Without Complicated Painting Best Of All, Every Project Is Removable, So Homeowners And Renters Can Try Another Wow Technique Whenever The Mood Strikes All The Projects Arepresented With Brilliant Step By Step Color Photos, Plus Materials Checklists, Full Instructions, Helpfulhints, And An ETW Estimated Time Of Wow Unexpected Materials, Simple Techniques, And Stunning Results Make Every Reader Say WOW I Can Dothatand I Want To More Than 43 Million Americans Moved Into A New Home Last Year That S 172 Million Living Room Walls Alone Great For Renters Projects Are Removable,no Permanent Changes To The Wall Discover Fong Shui, The Power Of Wow I Can Do That