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Our Heart Jason Owens Has Come Back Home After Six Years San Diego Is A Long Way From Cedar Junction, Iowa And The Memories His Hometown Holds For Him His Grandfather Is Dying And His Father Might As Well Be, Estranged Since The Death Of His Mother, When He Was Fourteen The Summer Before His Senior Year Of High School, He Met And Fell In Love With The One Person He Planned On Spending The Rest Of His Life With, Allison Their Love Eased The Pain Of His Troubled Past And Gave Him Reason To Believe Again It Became A Year Of Happiness And Achievements, Firsts And Ultimately, A Last One Ill Fated Mistake Changed The Path Of What Should Have Been Time Or Maybe Maturity Has Caught Up With Jason, As He Begins To Search His Soul For Answers And Acknowledge The Signs He Was Once Afraid To See Through The Death Of His Grandfather, Jake, And The Eulogy He Is Expected To Give, Jason Succumbs To The Onslaught Of Memories Of What Once Was In The Present He Must Deal With His Father And He Comes Face To Face With Allison Can You Come Home And Start Again Three Generations Of Owens Men Have Dedicated Their Enduring Love By Carving An Intricate Heart On An Old Oak Tree, High Above Town, Over Looking A Serene Meadow It Binds Them All Together, As A Testament Of Undying Love And Commitment To The Women In Their Lives Jason Soon Learns His Grandfather Had His Own Secrets, A Locked Door In The Basement, Missing Pages From His Journals His Grandfather Was Either Crazy, At The End, Or Tying One Last Time To Offer His Guidance Blending The Memories Of The Past With The Mystery Surrounding The Present, Our Heart Depicts The Tale Of Than Just Love Found And Lost It Touches On The Emotional Highs And Lows Of Life, And How Far You Have To Go When Life Is On The Line.