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Wiccan Warrior We All Have Archetypes We Model Ourselves Upon In The Wiccan Community These Include Maiden, Healer, Mother, Bard, And Others In Wiccan Warrior By Kerr Cuhulain, You Will Learn Of Eight New Yet Traditional Archetypes That Wiccans Can Model Their Lives And Goals Upon You Ll Also Find That They Are Completely Appropriate For Any Person Following A Spiritual System.These Eight Are The Balanced Warrior, For Whom All Comes From The Divine And Must Be Treated As Such The Creative Warrior, Who Masters Myths And Can Use Them To Share Wisdom The Rational Warrior, Who Avoids All Types Of Fundamentalism The Energized Warrior, Who Can Raise And Direct Energy You Ll Learn To Do This With Toning, Mantras, Dance And Drumming The Dreaming Warrior, Who Knows How To Alter Consciousness Here You Will Learn Meditation, Concentration And Breathwork The Magickal Warrior, Who Knows And Can Do Magick The Ritual Warrior, Who Helps Revitalize Rituals With Knowledge, Understanding, Energy And Love The Initiated Warrior, Who Knows And Shares The Value Of True Initiation.There Are Five Cornerstones To The Magick Of Being A Wiccan Warrior These Are The Well Known To Dare, To Will, To Know And To Keep Silent To These Cuhulain Adds To Imagine For To Imagine Is To Be Able To Clearly Visualize Your Objective, To Develop And Use A Creative Imagination The Book Is Filled With Ideas And Insights That Will Guide You On Your Way To Becoming A True Wiccan Warrior, A Person Freed From Limitations.This Book Is A Must For Wiccan And Witches Of All Stripes If One Of The Warrior Archetypes Doesn T Fit Your Needs, Another Or Several Others Will People Who Are Not Wiccans Will Find Much To Admire And Make Use Of, Too.Winner Of The 2001 Coalition Of Visionary Resources COVR Award For Best Biographical Personal Book