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Write A Play And Get It Performed Is This The Right Book For Me Write A Play And Get It Performed Is Designed For Would Be Writers Of Every Level And For All Types Of Motivation By Two Prize Winning Professionals Whether Writing For The Specific Needs Of An Amateur Drama Group, Community Event, Political Campaign Or Simply For Personal Or Professional Development, This Is A Guide To The Craft Of Playwriting It Offers Guidance On The Creative Principles Of Scripts, Characters, Plot, Structure And Dialogue And Explains The Principles Of Staging And Stage Directions As Well As Gives Tips On How To Write For A Variety Of Different Situations, For Every Age And Ability And According To Specific Genres Particularly Those Often Preferred By Amateur Groups, Such As Pantomime And Musical Theatre Write A Play And Get It Performed Includes Section OneChapter 1 A Writing MindsetChapter 2 Getting StartedChapter 3 Creating And Working With CharactersChapter 4 Speech And DialogueChapter 5 Plot ConstructionChapter 6 EndingsChapter 7 Deeper IssuesChapter 8 Two Plays Analysed Othello And Run For Your WifeChapter 9 Keeping Going, Re Writes And PolishingSection TwoChapter 10 Types Of DramaChapter 11 Writing A Comedy PlayChapter 12 Writing For The Amateur StageChapter 13 Writing PantomimesChapter 14 Writing MusicalsChapter 15 Writing For RadioChapter 16 Writing For TelevisionSection ThreeChapter 17 Script PracticalitiesChapter 18 Staging PracticalitiesChapter 19 Script Layouts And SubmissionChapter 20 Outlets And Networking OpportunitiesChapter 21 Putting On Your Own Play Learn Effortlessly With A New Easy To Read Page Design And Added Features Not Got Much Time One, Five And Ten Minute Introductions To Key Principles To Get You Started.Author InsightsLots Of Instant Help With Common Problems And Quick Tips For Success, Based On The Author S Many Years Of Experience.Test YourselfTests In The Book And Online To Keep Track Of Your Progress.Extend Your KnowledgeExtra Online Articles To Give You A Richer Understanding Of Writing A Play Five Things To RememberQuick Refreshers To Help You Remember The Key Facts.Try ThisInnovative Exercises Illustrate What You Ve Learnt And How To Use It.