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Absum (The Somnian, #2) Jesse Gave His Own Life To Close The Portals To Hell And Save Everyone On Earth, Including His Girlfriend Stephanie He Used His Abilities To Make Her Forget She Was A Nephilim, And That She And Jesse Were Ever In Love He Did That To Protect Her From The Pain Of Losing Her Bonded Soul Mate In A Cruel Twist Jesse Is Sent Back To His Life On Earth And To The Girl That No Longer Remembers What They Were To Each Other The Angels Have Forbade Him From Willing Her All Of The Memories That He Erased He Will Stop At Nothing To Get Her Back.In The Meantime The Demons That Are Stuck On The Earth Are Angry They Want The Somnian To Pay For Closing The Portals What Will Jesse Have To Do To Keep The People He Loves Safe Can He Trust The Angel Sent Down To Earth When He Returned And The Demon Hottie Seeking Redemption