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What Is Marriage For? E.J Graff Had A Very Personal Reason For Asking The Question In This Book S Title She Was Married In 1991, But In A Ceremony Legitimized By Neither Church Nor State Graff And Her Dearly Beloved, You See, Are Lesbians But Instead Of Being Dominated By Agenda, What Is Marriage Foris A Playful And Informative Study Of The Institution Of Wedlock Throughout History That Will Appeal To Readers Outside Of Its Obvious Constituency Chapter By Chapter, Graff Looks At The Legal, Sociological, And Anthropological Assumptions About Money, Sex, Procreation, Tribal Affiliation, And The Pursuit Of Personal Happiness That Underlie The Concept Of Matrimony In Western Societies Her Eye For The Odd Historical Footnote Is Especially Striking We Learn, For Example, That In Ancient Rome, Marriage Vows Were Exchanged By The Groom And His Father In Law, And That The Assertions Of Right Wing Fundamentalists Notwithstanding Families Were Actually Far Less Stable In The Premodern Era Where As Many As 50 Percent Of All French Children Lived With A Stepparent Than They Are Today Graff S Conclusion The Rules Of Engagement Have Fluctuated So Wildly Over The Centuries That The Term Traditional Marriage Is Something Of An Oxymoron Same Sex Unions Are But One Of The Many Ways In Which Marriage Has Evolved To Meet The Changing Social Dynamics Of The 20th CenturyPatrizia DiLucchio