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Elizabeths Hero (Silver Springs Contemporary, #1) When A Shocking Accident Takes The Life Of Her Best Friend, California Realtor Elizabeth Nelson Flies To The Rescue Of The Orphaned Children, Carrying A Letter That Grants Her Custody Her Friend S Brother In Law, Gruff Rancher Jack Summers, Is Already There, Organizing The Funeral And Planning To Take The Children Back To Montana With Two Separate Legal Claims And A Concerned Kansas City Social Worker Looking On, The Two Strangers Desperately Search For A Way To Keep The Children Together Their Solution Marriage Elizabeth Is Willing To Set Aside Her Dull, Empty Life In The Hopes Of Having A Family Jack Will Do Whatever It Takes To Ensure His Ranch Eventually Passes To His Brother S Children Will They Find Love In The Bargain As She Settles Into Her New Life, Little Oddities Plague Elizabeth She Begins To Question Whether The Plane Crash That Claimed Her Friend S Life Was Really An Accident Jack And Elizabeth Discover A Mutual Attraction But Will They Recognize The Love That S Grown Between Them Before Another Tragedy Strikes