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Silver Springs Contemporary (Contemporary Series, #1-4) Read Silver Springs Contemporary Contemporary Series, 1 4 Author Gina Marie Coon Thomashillier.co.uk Elizabeth S HeroWhen A Shocking Accident Takes The Life Of Her Best Friend, Elizabeth Nelson Flies To The Rescue Of The Orphaned Children, Carrying A Letter That Grants Her Custody Her Friend S Brother In Law Is Already There, Organizing The Funeral And Planning To Take The Children Back To Montana With Two Separate Legal Claims And A Concerned Kansas City Social Worker Looking On, The Two Strangers Desperately Search For A Way To Keep The Children Together Their Solution Marriage Elizabeth Is Willing To Set Aside Her Dull, Empty Life In The Hopes Of Having A Family Jack Will Do Whatever It Takes To Ensure His Ranch Eventually Passes To His Brother S Children Jack And Elizabeth Discover A Mutual Attraction But Will They Recognize The Love That S Grown Between Them Before Another Tragedy Strikes Cowboy DadJilted Two Weeks Before Her Wedding, Karen Aimes Has Escaped To Montana To Lick Her Wounds She S Expecting Rest, Fellowship, And Time With Her Young Son What She Finds Is A Scruffy Rancher That Danger Seems To Follow And An Attraction She S Having A Hard Time Ignoring She Keeps Reminding Herself That She Neither Needs Nor Wants A Man, But It S Tough To Ignore Her Son S Desire For A Father Can She Set Aside The Baggage From Her Past And Give Marc The One Thing He Needs Most Frank Wilson Isn T Looking For A Relationship He Hasn T Felt The Jolt In Years When His Friend S Pretty Houseguest And Her Energetic Son Drop Into His Life, He S Knocked For A Loop He Soon Finds Himself Unable To Stay Away But There S An Arsonist On The Loose And The Madman Seems To Be Targeting Frank Does He Dare Entertain A Serious Relationship At A Time Like This Winter AwakeningEven Though His Sister Had Forgiven Andrea, Gage Nelson Couldn T Nobody Is That Na Ve But After Two Days Of Holiday Events, He Realizes How Badly He S Misjudged Her Their Tenuous Friendship Is Tested When A Blizzard Forces Them To Spend Christmas Night Together And She Goes Into Labor The Profound Experience Of Helping Bring A Baby Into The World Leaves Gage Confused And Yearning, Forcing Him To Take Stock Of His Life.Andrea Sims Opinion Of Herself Wasn T Any Higher Than That Of Her Friend S Brother, But For Different Reasons All Her Life Others Had Chosen Her Path She S Been Robbed Of Her Reputation, Her Dignity, And Her Innocence With The Birth Of Her Child Comes A Spark Of Hope, A Determination To Make Something Of Her Life, For Herself And Her Daughter So When Gage Nelson Offers Sanctuary Via Marriage, She Sends Him Away She S Through Letting Others Dictate Her Future She Knows That If She S Ever To Be Worthwhile To Anyone Else, She Needs To Be Content With Herself.His Leading LadyHigh Powered Attorney Jen Kramer Came To Montana To Rest And Refocus After Suffering A Tremendous Blow While Recuperating, She Does A Bit Of Self Evaluation And Discovers That She S Missed The Proverbial Boat She S Forty, Unmarried, And Childless But When She Volunteers To Teach A High School Drama Class, The Experience Unearths Long Buried Joy And Unrealized Talent Periodic Run Ins With The Handsome, Single Dad Of One Of Her Students, As Well As His Adorable Children, Further Knock Her Off Balance As She Gets To Know Dan And His Family, She Falls In Love With Each Of Them And Finds Healing From Her Turbulent Past Might They Be The Balm An Otherwise Disappointing Future, As Well Dan Edwards Is Instantly Wary Of The Beautiful Drama Teacher His Daughter Idolizes She Reminds Him Way Too Much Of His Ex Wife One Flighty Woman, Interested In Her Career Than Her Own Family, Was Plenty He Doesn T Plan To Make That Mistake Again However, Jen Kramer Is Much Than She Appears She Soon Earns His Respect And Wins The Affections Of His Children, Though He S Convinced She Couldn T Possibly Remain Content For Long In A Small Town But If She Goes, Will Any Of Them Recover From The Broken Hearts She Ll Leave Behind