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Generous Spaciousness Committed Christians May Respond Differently To Gay And Lesbian Christians How Can We Engage Those With Whom We Might Disagree And Navigate Our Journey Together In A Way That Nurtures Unity, Hospitality, Humility, And Justice Through Her Extensive Experience In Ministering To Gay And Lesbian Christians, Wendy VanderWal Gritter Has Come To Believe We Need A New Paradigm For How The Church Engages Those In The Sexual Minority She Encourages Generous Spaciousness, A Hope Filled, Relational Way Forward For Those In Turmoil Regarding A Response To Gay And Lesbian Christians This Book Offers A Framework For Discussing Diversity In A Gracious Way, Showing That The Church Can Be A Place That Welcomes A Variety Of Perspectives On The Complex Matter Of Human Sexuality It Also Offers Practical Advice For Implementing Generous Spaciousness In Churches And Organizations.