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Forex Daytrading Millionaire Secrets Revealed Read Forex Daytrading Millionaire Secrets Revealed By Trader X Terrapin Info.co.uk Ever Felt Like Knocking Your Boss The Eff Out Even If You Re Your Own Boss I Have I Remember The Day I Decided To Punch My Boss In The Face One Of The Best Decisions I Ever Made By Far It Was Glorious A V Day Of Sorts I Just Walked In His Office, Looked Him Straight In The Eyes, And Did A Spinning Back Fist Yeah, That S Right A Spinning Back Fist Bruce Lee Style, Baby I Missed Of Course And Fell But Nevertheless My Point Had Been Made I Picked Myself Back Up Off The Floor, Slotted Back To My Cubic Hell, And Resumed My Daily Torchores Like A Good Little Drone And Then I Woke Up Literally Like In A Bed I Was Just A Stupid Dream Man, I Thought If I Can T Even Punch My Boss The Right Way In My Dreams, How The Heck Am I Ever Gonna Do It In Real Life So I Decided To Do What Every Sensible Human Being Does In His Mid Thirties Give Up On My Dreams Luckily For Me I Had Two Dreams One Was To Punch My Boss In The Face The Other Was To Quit My Job And Get Filthy Rich Doing Stuff That Made Me Happy Swing And A Miss On The First Dream Pun Intended Home Run On The Second One Like Grand Slam Home Run I Wanna Tell You Both How I Did It And How You Can Be One Of My RBI S I Ve Done All The Hard Work For You All You Have To Do Is Quit Your Job And Come On Home Here S My Point You Can Have And Do Whatever The Heck You Want You Can, To A Certain Degree, Create Your Own Reality But It S Not Easy Which Is Why I Ve Decided To Create Your Reality For You Wanna See It Step Into It Even You Would If You Knew What Was On The Other Side All Ya Gotta Do Is Punch A Few Buttons And Get This Book But You Re Going To Have To Take A Click Of Faith.