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SchNEWS/SQUALL Yearbook 2001 Download SchNEWS SQUALL Yearbook 2001 By SchNEWS Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Don T Be Put Off By The Date2001 Was A Great Year For The Anti Corporate Struggle The Zapatistas March In Mexico City, Thousands Disrupt The World Bank Meeting In Prague, Winston Churchill Gets An Anarchist Makeover In London From Bognor To Bogota, Dudley To Delhi, Resistance Has Become As Global As The Institutions Of Capitalism And Its All Here The Best Of The Front Lines Reportage, Together With Essays, Articles And Analysis From The Folks That Were Actually There, Fighting, And Creating Sustainable Solutions To The Corporate Carve Up Of The Planet All Wrapped Up With Loads Of Photos, Cartoons, Satirical Graphics, Subverts, And A Comprehensive Contacts Database An Incredible Anthology That Should Be Snapped Up By Just About Everyone.