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Bitchy Boss PDF Bitchy Boss Author Mar A Gutierrez Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk NEW NOW AT A LOWER PRICE The First On The Leash Petgirl Tale Determined To Enslave The World S Women, A Man Known Only As Dr Hundehersteller Develops A Range Of Devices To Transform Strong, Independent Women Into Mindlessly Obedient Petgirls Rather Than Attempt A Coup Right Away, The Good Doctor Begins His Insidious Plan By Assisting Those He Sees Are In Need These Stories Chronicle The Unfortunate Fates Of Those Foolish Or Unlucky Enough To Run Afoul Of His Plans.In Bitchy Boss, We Meet Rhonda Green, A Brilliant And Beautiful If Somewhat Domineering And Occasionally Cruel Woman Who Runs Her Department At The Dinomyx Oil Group With An Iron Fist Her Executive Assistant, Charlie, Has A Chance Encounter With Dr Hundehersteller, Who Gives Him Both The Means And The Motivation To Redefine Rhonda S Position Within The Company Permanently.