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The Fireside Book of Deadly Diseases Download The Fireside Book Of Deadly Diseases Author Robert Wilkins Airdomains.co.uk The Author Doctor Chronicles The Impact Of Deadly Diseases On Individuals, Nations And The Development Of History Not A Lot Of Notice Had Been Taken By Historians Of The Damage That May Have Been Caused By The Decisions Made By Mad Monarchs Or Syphilitic Statesmen 150 Years Ago, Victorian Women Deemed Tuberculosis As Sexually Irresistible, And It Was Thought That Syphilis, Epilepsy, Morphine Addiction Or Madness Increased The Likelihoods Of Being A Genius Bursting With Anecdotes, The Book Is Amplified With 65 Illustrations With Some Disturbing Images Three Deadly Scourges Black Death Caused By Rat To Man By A Flea Plague Doctor In Marseilles With His Beak Filled With Purifying Spice Atishoo, Atishoo We All Fall Down Defoe Pepys Cholera Wiertz With A Grisly Depiction Of The Victims In Premature Burial Dr John Snow, Unsung Hero Typhus, Disease Of Dirt Becket Was Murdered The Vermin That Were Living In This Multiple Covering Started To Crawl Out Smallpox, Conqueror Of The New World Pharaoh Ramases V Queen Elizabeth I Queen Mary II Tsar Peter II Dr Jenner, GP, Discoverer Of Vaccination Deadly First Cousins TB Keats D H Lawrence Chopin Bront Family Elizabeth Siddal, Wife Of Gabriel Rossetti.Leprosy Royal Leper King Robert The Bruce Of Scotland.Creativity Illness Opium De Quincey Keats Byron Shelley Madness Genius Goya Beethoven Deafness Rachitic Mr Pope Bones, Stones Groans Gout In Henry VII, Prince Regent Later George IV John Milton Bladder Stones Pepys Emperor Napoleon III Mad George III Chasing Novelist Frances Burney She Also Had Breast Surgery In The Days Before Anaesthetics.A Therapeutic Interlude Purging, Cupping Leeching.Diseases Of Those Who Govern Royals Pharaoh Akhenaton Queen Victoria Don Carlos Insanity Of George III Emperor Frederick III Leaders Washington Cleveland Woodrow Wilson Franklin Roosevelt John F Kennedy Winston Churchill.Medical Detectives Devonshire Colic Diabetes, The Pissing Evil Kuru Huntington S Chorea 3 Mosquiteers Filariasis, Malaria, Yellow Fever.Pox Clap The Great Unmentionables Columbus Siege Of Naples French Victims, Including Voltaire, Louis XV Napoleon Henry VIII Ivan The Terrible Randolph Churchill Clap Boswell.AIDS Worldwide Pandemic Homosexuality Out Of Africa Afterword Death, The Ultimate Disease Search For The Philosopher S Stone And Many Good Stories In A Racy Style, With Some Lurid Pictures John Playfair In Living With Germs A Gruesome Collection Mostly Well Known To Doctors But Nice To Have Them All Together Under One Cover British Medical Journal, 1994.Medical Journalism Demonstrates A Predictably Morbid Fascination With Leprosy And Its Presumed Medical History Carole Rawcliffe Leprosy In Medieval England On The Fireside Book Of Deadly Diseases The Follow Up To The Fireside Book Of Death Looking At An Eclectic Range Of Deadly Diseases Something For Everyone Goodreads David S Review, 2012 5 Of 5 Stars Dr Robert Wilkins Was Born In Wales, In 1943 Educated In Cardiff, He Moved To London And Qualified In 1968 At The Royal Free Hospital He Obtained His Higher Degree, MRCP, In 1973, And Became A Member Of The Royal College Of Psychiatrists In 1982 He Has Had Articles Published In The Daily Telegraph And The Guardian.In Addition British Medical Journal, 1986 Personal View Journal Of Child Psychology And Psychiatry, 1987 Hallucinations In Children Journal Of Family Therapy, 1989 The King And His Fool Bri