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Snatched Read Snatched Author Egnis Jones Horsebackridingnorthcarolina.us Any Hunter Will Tell You Part Of The Satisfaction Is In The Chase As Well As The Triumphant Capture Of Their Prey In Snatched, The Focus Is On The Eroticism Of The Power Play Between Men And Their Male Captors Sometimes Romance Ensues, Sometimes Just A Good Amount Of Steamy Sex, But In All Cases, The Effects Of One Character Being In Utter Control Of The Man He Has Captured Takes Center Stage The Appeal Is In The Erotic Dominance And The Way The Captive Would Try To Escape If He Could, Whether He Truly Wants To Deep Down Or Not.Thomas Is Determined Not To Let The Fights With His Boyfriend, John, Ruin His Vacation In The Tropical Rainforests Of Equador But When He Steps Off The Trail, He Steps Into Danger As He Is Taken Captive By Guerilla Freedom Fighters Held Against His Will, He Nonetheless Finds Himself Developing An Attraction To The Man Who Both Arouses And Repels Him And As His Captivity Weighs On Him, Thomas Finds That Being The Guerilla S Plaything Is Not The Worst Fate He Can EnvisionBryce S Life Changes Forever The Night That He And His Boyfriend Are Brutally Attacked By Creatures That Seem Like They Can Only Be Demonic He S Sure, When They Carry Him Off, That He S Being Packed Off For Lunch, So It S A Shock When He Finds That One Of His Captors Is Not The Horror That He Expected As Their Attraction Grows, It Could Be The Two Of Us Against The World.As A Member Of The Lesser Nobility, Micah Has Never Truly Been Able To Feel The Wind Of Freedom, And He And His Family Are Not Exempt From The Brutality Of The Highest Of The Nobles When He Is Imprisoned, Hunted For Sport, And Captured By Ari, One Of The Realm S Princes, He Feels That His Life Is Over But When An Escape Attempt Leads Him To The Bed Of Dhea, Ari S Brother, He Finds That There Is Much To Live For And At The Same Time, So Much Danger Than He Knows.