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#Havana62 What If There Had Been Social Media During The Cold War And The Cuban Missile Crisis This Is Not A Story Told In The Usual Book Format It Is The Story Of The Cuban Missile Crisis Told As If Through Posts On Private Social Media Feeds The Book Follows The Thoughts And Actions Of The Main Participants In The Drama Based On What Those Participants Actually Reported, Or Could Have Believably Reported In Private Social Media Accounts, Given Who They Were, What They Knew And Where They Were At The Time The Year Is 1962 The Kennedy Brothers Are In The White House Nikita Khrushchev Is In The Kremlin And Fidel Castro Is In The Presidential Palace In Havana, Cuba For A Time, Now Widely Referred To As The Most Dangerous Moment In Human History , These Men Hold The Future Of Modern Civilization In Their Hands As The World Teeters On The Brink Of Nuclear Apocalypse.