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Relax Into Wealth: How to Get More by Doing Less In Relax Into Wealth, Master Storyteller Alan Cohen Demonstratesthe Intrinsic Link Between Passion, Authenticity, Andprosperity He Shows That Nothing Pays Like Being Yourself.This Popular National Speaker And Bestselling Writer Delivershis Prosperity Principles In Fifty Two True Stories Of Successfulpeople He Has Encountered, Including Celebrities, Midas Touchentrepreneurs, Shuttle Bus Drivers, Wide Eyed Children, And Evena Stripper Then, In His Unique Way, Cohen Highlights The Lessonwithin Each Parable And Expands Upon It, Enabling Readers Toapply The Principle To Their Own Lives.Cohen Uses The Story, The Most Cogent Teaching Device Inhistory, To Give Readers An Entertaining And Accessible Model Relax Into Wealth Makes Use Of Personal And Sometimes Quiteintimate Tales To Capture The Reader S Attention And Impart Thewisdom Found In The Experience Each Of Its Fifty Two Anecdotesends With A Personal Affirmation To Help Readers Remember Thelesson And Carry It Into Real Life.Most Popular Books On Success In Business Or Personalfinance Are Formula Driven, Focusing On Techniques To Make Money, Climb The Corporate Ladder, Or Outpower Competition Relax Into Wealth Is Character Driven, Shining The Spotlighton The Kind Of Heart, Faith, And Vision Required To Overcome Fear,peer Pressure, Limiting Beliefs, Or A History Of Failure.The Book Is About Real People In Whom Readers Canrecognize Themselves Featuring Moneymakers Who Have Beentrue To Their Passion And Successful In Their Chosen Domain.Every Reader Will See His Own Financial Hopes And How Toachieve Them In The Lives Of The Various Characters.