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Red Scarf Girl: A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution I Have Never Doubted What I Was Told Heaven And Earth Are Great, But Greater Still Is The Kindness Of The Communist Part Father And Mother Are Dear, But Dearer Still Is Chairman Mao In 1966 Ji Li Jian Was 12 Years Old And Oustanding Student And A Leader Of Her Class, She Had Everything Brains, Ability, The Admiration Of Her Peers And A Shining Future In Chairman Mao S New China But All That Changed With The Advent Of The Cultural Revolution, When Intelligence Became A Crime And A Wealthy Family Background Invited Persecution Or Worse For The Next Few Years Ji Li And Her Family Were Humilated And Reviled By Their Former Friends, Neighbors And Colleagues And Lived In Constant Terror Of Arrest At Last, With The Detention Of Her Father, Ji Li Was Faced With The Most Dreadful Decision Of Her Life Denounce Him, Or Refuse To Testify And Sacrifice Her Future In Her Beloved Communist Party.Told With Simplicity, Innocence And Grace, This Unforgettable Memoir Gives A Child S Eye View Of A Terrifying Time In 20th Century History And Of One Family S Indomitable Courage Under Fire.