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Taste: A New Way to Cook At The Heart Of All Good Food Is The Successful Combination Of The Elementary Tastes Sour, Salt, Savory, Bitter, And Sweet But Why Does A Squeeze Of Lemon Make Grilled Fish Taste So Sweet, And A Grating Of Parmesan Make Minestrone Soup Seem Intensely Savory Once You Understand How And Why Basic Combinations Work, You Will Instinctively Begin To Create Delicious Meals Sybil Kapoor Takes You Through Each Taste, Beginning With Simple Recipes For Drinks And Soups, And Continuing Through Complex Combinations Of Tastes For Main Courses, Salads And Desserts Throughout The Book She Emphasizes Simple And Fresh Food With Over 150 Recipes And Dazzling Photographs, You Will Soon Be Creating Your Own Sensational Taste Dishes.