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Grettis saga Ásmundarsonar Composed At The End Of The Fourteenth Century By An Unknown Author, The Saga Of Grettir The Strong Is One Of The Last Great Icelandic Sagas It Relates The Tale Of Grettir, An Eleventh Century Warrior Struggling To Hold On To The Values Of A Heroic Age Becoming Eclipsed By Christianity And A Pastoral Lifestyle Unable To Settle Into A Community Of Farmers, Grettir Becomes The Aggressive Scourge Of Both Honest Men And Evil Monsters Until, Following A Battle With The Sinister Ghost Glam, He Is Cursed To Endure A Life Of Tortured Loneliness Away From Civilisation, Fighting Giants, Trolls And Berserks A Mesmerising Combination Of Pagan Ideals And Christian Faith, This Is A Profoundly Moving Conclusion To The Golden Age Of The Saga Writing.