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Japan's China Policy: A Relational Power Analysis Japan S China Policy Understands Japan S Foreign Policy In Terms Of Power One Of The Most Central Concepts Of Political Analysis It Contributes A Fresh Understanding To The Subject By Developing Relational Power As An Analytical Framework And By Applying It To Significant Issues In Japan S China Policy The Negotiations For A Bilateral Investment Protection Treaty And The Disputed Pinnacle Senkaku Diaoyu Islands.Hagstr M Demonstrates That Japan Exerted Power Over China In Such Divergent Empirical Settings For The Most Part By Using Civilian Instruments Positively, Defensively And Through Non Action Given That Japan S Foreign Policy Is Often Portrayed Rather Enigmatically In Terms Of Power, The Unique Contribution Of Japan S China Policy Is To Demonstrate How To Analyze Power Aspects Of Japan S Foreign Policy In A Coherent Fashion.This Revealing Approach To Japan S Foreign Policy Will Be Of Huge Interest To Anyone Studying Japanese Politics, Foreign Policy Or International Relations.