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How Capitalism Will Save Us Has Capitalism Failed Is It Fundamentally Greedy Immoral, Making The Rich Richer Are Free Markets Darwinian Places Where The Ruthless Crush Smaller Competitors, Where Vital Products Services Are Priced Beyond The Ability Of Many To Afford Them Capitalism Is The World S Greatest Economic Success Story It S The Optimal Way To Provide For The Needs Of People Foster The Democratic Moral Values Of A Free Society Yet The Worst Recession In Decades Has Widely Understandably Shaken Faith In Our System Even Before The Current Crisis, Capitalism Received A Bad Rap From A Culture Ambivalent About Free Markets Wealth Creation This Crisis Of Confidence Is Preventing A Full Recognition Of How We Got Into The Mess We Re In Today Why Capitalism Continues To Be The Best Route To Prosperity How Capitalism Will Save Us Transcends Labels By Showing How Economies Really Work When Free People In Free Markets Have Energy To Solve Problems Meet Others Needs, They Turn Scarcity Into Abundance Innovate The Freedom Of Democratic Capitalism Is What Enabled Ford To Take A Plaything Of The Rich To Make It Affordable To Workers In The Capitalist System, Economic Growth Doesn T Mean Of The Same It S About Change Increasing Overall Wealth, Giving People Better Lives.